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“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit”
- John Updike

Schenkel has worked primarily in rural Southeastern Ohio because of a profound conviction that this part of the world is where he belongs. Between 1994 and 1999 he created seven community murals and worked on two large scale historical murals totaling over 9000 sq. ft. of wall space in West Virginia and Ohio. Schenkel’s work has also found homes in the People’s Bank Corp. permanent art collection; in Cleveland, OH; Augusta, GA; and Pittsburgh, PA and has drawn interest from publications in multiple cities in southern and northern Ohio and from as far south as Tennessee’s Now and Then magazine.

In 2005 Schenkel’s Found Object Construction and painting work won awards, including Best of Show for Mixed Media in the Southern Hills Art Show. In 2010 Schenkel was honored with the Artsbridge “Reflections” People’s Choice Award and a 2nd place award for Mixed Media in the Parkersburg Art Center’s regional competition. Schenkel was also one of 59 artists from the state of Ohio whose work was included in the Ohio Annual exhibition at the Zanesville Museum of Art.

On the strength of these recent accomplishments, Schenkel has most recently taught sculpture at Marietta College and was selected to anchor the Dairy Barn's FLOW Exhibition in Athens, Ohio.


Mixed Media Book"Vignette"

“He has acquired administrative, organizational, and interpersonal skills . . . to carry out his vision . . . he has worked effectively in a team and as an individual.”
Former Gov. Ted Strickland, Ohio