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...I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.”

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The Essence of Art

Work in various forms, has always been held in high regard by my family. Working with ingenuity, working resourcefully, working intelligently, methodically, was imbued with an almost spiritual reverence. To solve a problem, or resolve an issue was like a higher calling to us.

When I was a child my parents were always repairing, creating, decorating, customizing, or salvaging something; whether it was structural repairs to our home or refinishing furniture. Using wenches and pulleys, to haul large rocks up an embankment and into a truck, working with spud bars we gained leverage so that we might position the rocks just right while landscaping our front yard. All work was a kind of gift, which we found enriching...read more.

- September 2011 National Society of Arts and Letters Lecture

It is odd reading and sharing things like these ( testimonials from friends and colleagues about myself ). I don’t think of them as reflections of what a great guy Geoff is but rather as reflections of what Geoff is capable of sharing with others.
Geoff Schenkel